Terrorist Threat or Harmless Phrase?
Can you guess which one is not on the NSA's Internet watch list? See if you can make it 10 rounds, but be careful, get too many wrong and you might wind up a suspected terrorist!
Guess which word is not on the NSA watch list!
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The name of the game says it all!

Two words will appear on your screen. Simply select the one you believe is NOT on the terrorist watch list devised by the Department of Homeland Security. But be careful... If you choose too many wrong answers, a window will pop up with a search for those terms! In other words, the price of losing is a spot on the NSA watchlist. Also, the choices of everyone that plays are used to make the game more difficult by making the "fake" words more difficult to determine-especially at higher levels!


This game was created by Grayson Earle. I also made the NSA Haiku Generator, which might tickle your fancy. In case you are wondering, yes--these words really are used by the government when monitoring your electronic movements and communication. Read more about that here and here. If you like this, come on over and check out more of my work.

And special thanks to all my friends that contributed ideas, words, and time to the project.


Congratulations, you made it all 10 rounds! Brag about it to your friends!

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